I Have One Goal: Defending Your Rights


Fighting To Protect Your Rights And Minimize Your Consequences

DUI/DWI are complex cases to deal with in court because the penalties can not only include jail times and fines but also civil penalties that may include the loss of one’s driving privileges and possible vehicle forfeiture. Attorney Doug Carlson seeks to provide his clients charged with a DUI/DWI with a full understanding of the consequences they face and to assist each client in defending their rights when law enforcement officers have exceeded the scope of the law. Attorney Doug Carlson’s goal is to obtain the best possible outcome for his clients, whether that be through a full jury trial or through the negotiation of the most beneficial plea agreement available given that client’s circumstances.

No Empty Promises

Attorney Doug Carlson will not sugarcoat a client’s prospects for fighting their DUI/DWI. If he believes that you have legal issues that are worth fighting, he will bring those issues to the attention of the court and tirelessly advocate for your best interests. If he believes your best option is a well-negotiated plea deal, Mr. Carlson will tell you. If another attorney guarantees a certain result and tells you they can get your case dismissed, you should proceed with caution. No attorney can guarantee a result, particularly when that attorney has not yet reviewed the police reports and evidence the prosecution will use against you.

In addition to defending the criminal DUI/DWI charges in court, we work with clients on issues relating to their charges, including blood and breath tests, loss of a driver’s license, license plate impoundment, vehicle forfeiture and ignition interlock. It is important to note that you have 30 days from the date of the notice and order of revocation to request a hearing challenging the civil penalties, or you forfeit all rights and issues, even where there is a winning issue.

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