I Have One Goal: Defending Your Rights


Positive results are a testament to the work that Doug does on behalf of his clients. Doug is committed to fighting for his clients to achieve the best possible outcome.

The following are highlights from cases Doug has handled:

CASE TYPE: Misdemeanor theft and felony fifth-degree controlled substance possession
COUNTY: Stearns
OUTCOME: After being arrested for shoplifting, the police found a very small amount of cannabis wax on a client. Possession of any amount of cannabis wax is a felony in Minnesota, but possession of up to 42.5 grams of cannabis flower is a petty misdemeanor. Doug was able to convince the prosecutor that a felony disposition was unfair in relation to what she could possess of cannabis flower without significant legal consequences and obtained a plea to the misdemeanor shoplifting charge.

CASE TYPE: Fleeing a police officer in a motor vehicle; driving after revocation
COUNTY: Stearns
OUTCOME: A client was charged with fleeing a police officer in a motor vehicle for failing to immediately stop when a sheriff’s deputy tried to pull him over for speeding. The client was driving down a dead-end road and traveled about a quarter of a mile to his house with the officer following him. The client pulled into his driveway, got out with his hands up and told the deputy he just wanted to get his car home so it didn’t get towed. The state has to prove that the client had the intent to elude when he didn’t stop. Doug filed a motion to dismiss for lack of probable cause. After reviewing the squad video, the prosecutor agreed and dismissed the felony fleeing in a motor vehicle charge. Client plead to a petty misdemeanor driving after revocation.

CASE TYPE: Fifth-degree assault and interfering with an emergency call
COUNTY: Sherburne
OUTCOME: The client was accused of assaulting her estranged husband’s new girlfriend. After presenting mitigating circumstances to the prosecutor, the client received a stay of adjudication, allowing her to keep a conviction off her record.

CASE TYPE: DUI – Under the influence of marijuana
COUNTY: Sherburne
OUTCOME: A client had a seizure disorder for which they had a prescription for marijuana from Arizona. While out running errands, the client had a seizure and crashed their car. The police found marijuana on her person and believed that her behavior was indicative of being under the influence of marijuana. Blood tests confirmed the presence of marijuana in the client’s system. Doug was able to provide evidence that behavior the officer believed showed she was under the influence of marijuana was consistent with having just had a seizure. Doug was also able to convince the prosecutor that the amount of marijuana found in her system was not considered in Colorado, where marijuana is legal, to be under the influence. The client plead to a careless driving and did not lose her license.

CASE TYPE: Second-degree intentional murder
COUNTY: Stearns
OUTCOME: A client was accused of murdering his best friend by stabbing him in the heart, killing him almost instantly. The client acknowledged to the police his role in his friend’s death. After working hard to present mitigating circumstances to the court, the court granted the client a downward dispositional departure and placed him on probation. Less than one percent of individuals receive probation in second-degree murder cases.

CASE TYPE: Expungement
COUNTY: Hennepin
OUTCOME: Successful expungement of a client’s records relating to theft and tampering with a motor vehicle charges

CASE TYPE: Burglary in the first-degree, third-degree assault – presumptive commit
COUNTY: Kandiyohi
OUTCOME: A client was accused of forcing her way into a boyfriend’s house and assaulting his new girlfriend. After working hard to present additional evidence and information to the prosecutor, the client received a stay of adjudication, allowing her to keep a conviction off her record.

CASE TYPE: Receiving stolen property
COUNTY: Stearns
OUTCOME: A client was accused of pawning stolen property. The state alleged that the client knew or should have known that the items he pawned were stolen. After conducting investigation into the client’s version of what happened, Doug was able to provide the state with evidence that showed his client was not guilty. Charges were dismissed.

COUNTY: Stearns
OUTCOME: Diversion program providing for no guilty plea and no criminal conviction as long as the client followed certain conditions, after which the matter was completely dismissed. The client was an immigrant and would have risked serious immigration consequences.